1 October


Hmmm, it is Friday! :) 

I write to you now at 7:44 am... in Egypt Friday's morning has a special ritual, most of the Egyptian's people have a day off. it is like Sunday night in America  

the special ritual starts with breakfast we eat foul and falafel in the morning than be ready for Friday's pray in Islam it is very important pray. 

But I did not sleep yet until now it was a long night for me after 15 hours working I found myself just watch youtube videos!  

It is so crazy because I really tried but I want not to sleep why? don't know I feel boring just I want to stay no no action mode 

I do not know why I write that to you but I was decided to start blogging every day 

maybe my ideas are not organized  but I like to talk to you

today my book should be publishing but I am not sure it will, because I do not finish it and watch youtube videos 

so pray for me please 


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