Zayed's friend's letter: Day 8- from where you start writing?

Dear friend

Happy Saturday...yesterday we talked about what is your aim from writing and we deal that you will write it down to make everything clean
Today we will talk about start writing there are two options in my mind when is start writing the first one is created characters

Build your character 

I like that option. It makes it easy for me to imagine the hero and his growing background, what he likes and what not? Does he have a special power? What are the personal qualities? is his personal features? Has big eyes? Devil eyes? His face long or square? Black or wight?
All that give me some ideas to work with than I give him or her a name this is step is really make it easy for me to know when I put the character in polt I know how I will move him

After I finish building my hero I start with his family and know more about them and know if they important to him or not is they have a strong relationship together or not than I do the same I did with the hero

This is step is very important to me I think it is the same  for everyone who wants to start writing story or novel know the characters is the most important step ever remember that

Build your location 

I know some of the writers start their ideas with the place or location they take the time to imagine every detail in the place than they start to write
In fact, it is a good option but not to start writing unless for me I do not know about you know the place you are put your heroes on it very important BUT it maybe gives you block when you writing because you will not let your wells or rocks talks if you do not write fantasy story I mean

So it is good to know your place but take it a step to build your characters and let readers know where the heroes are...yep ...give it time… think well about every detail you want.. But do not give it too much time you will need your power and ideas in the writing step not now

So I wish you write your places and characters down on papers today and wait for me tomorrow we will talk about the polt

Have a nice day

See you tomorrow

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