Zayed's friend's letter: Day 9- Dramatic plot?

Dear friend

How are you? I know I am late but the topic of today is really important and it is the point of telling your readers if your story is worth reading or not.

Polt is the way we judge whether the writer has a good literary style or not by his story’s plot so what is that called plot? 

Well to write a good story you need to have a start...middle...end


In the start of your story, you will need to presentation your characters your places the time your story happen in...and the relation between your characters and start go give readers information about how the story will move


The next step, in fact, is the important step ever in your story the middle or some called it the culmination in that step the problem of the polt happens like someone dead or every important papers steal from your hero .. you got the idea here?
Here you have to write it well and take your time writing it.


It is the end of your story when you fix all the problems you put in your culmination the great writer who keeps his readers until the last page of his story so think when too about your end and make it always not expected as possible you can

 Well I was not in the mood to write today anyway but I had finished the topic of today I think tomorrow I will write more about the plot but I will focus more about every step in a post I think it will be more useful but I am not sure if I will do it so tomorrow we will see what will happen

Have a nice day

See you tomorrow

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