Zayed's friend's letter: Day 7- What is the aim of writing?

Dear friend is Friday...the best day of my week for me today I want to talk to you about every important topic for every author it is how to start writing
That takes us to another question and it is why are you writing? Is it as a hobby ? .. just you want to tell people about your expertise or just to pay your bills and maybe you just want to let something the posterity will remember you right?
Well put the aim in your head is really  make it easy for you and let you know what a kind of stories you will write it
Another thing important too will you use your real name or you will publish it with a pen name?
All that makes our ideas is clean write it down on paper and make it next to you
Why this important well sometimes you will want not anyone knows that is you so you write with a pen name that helps when you are trying to test your ideas and see if it is working or not
Also, it helps too to know what is the kind for stories want to write to make you know your writing style  will be fine with it or you need to write with another kind
Like me, I like to write in comics and children stories it needs short sentences and it is fine for me with my shit’s English but if I change it and try to write a novel it will be bad choose no one will read it at all ( yeah I have some books no one wants to read but it is ok ). So you just need to know who you are?  Why do you want to write? And what are you waiting for?
Write it down and see you tomorrow 

Have a nice day

See you tomorrow

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