Zayed's friend's letter: Day 6- What I did last 2 days?

Dear friend

Did you miss me? Yep, I know you do not. It is ok. I feel the same too. Maybe you were asked yourself where he is those two days? Very simple answer with none of more talk... My Internet service provider cut my internet :) Why is it another question? Maybe you will not like to know any way I am back.
The most question I asked myself how to deal with all this time without internet well I slept then I said I have to write the second book from Tom & Jenny and it is good time I have no Facebook now to wasted time all is work well …. I just watched TV. yep, that's what I did was a boring day but that is not all I set to draw. I have 2 drawings here, one called Pear and mint you can find all about it in my Etsy shop. The other one is this :)
Copyright ©AhmedZayed

It was fun to draw it because I am not really like to draw with watercolour but I was having too it was my weekly homework at my draw course so I had too...never think I can get that result with my drawing and with watercolour too but you know I happy to get that
From time to other maybe you have to try something new something you are not really like to do get out of your convert zone  and see what will happen
I remember last year at the same time as now I was hate soft pastel colours too but my professor asked me to not give up and just give it a try without any preconception about it as it hard or it will not give me what in my mind...just put all that down and start work
The second thing I learn from my draw courses is everything at the paper can fix...yep maybe it is pale sometimes..maybe it is cut...but it is really finished when you stop try to fix it and I have put it in all my life I will fix it and nothing finish until I said ok it is the best thing I can do with it But please remember it is about Your relationships with others and work you try to prove yourself in it..but not in projects, projects you put deadtime before it is started deal?

Have a nice day

See you tomorrow

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