Zayed's friend's letter: Day 5- being an author ?! hmm it has benefits too

Dear friend

Hola..ciao...bonjour...good in Egypt they said the weather will be 40 so I have to finish your letter and go to make more ice I will need it all the daylong lol

Yesterday I told you why is being an author will make your life horrible but you know with all those problems I told you there are something great about this career far away from I really like being an author but it really gives you a good place to judge people as a person spend most of your day read most of your friends and family or people you talking with positions you read about it before so you can anticipate what will happen but it is nothing about you as an author can think what will this is the person doing and put the odds in your mind at the end you do it every day right? You write a story and your hero or any character in it has action and you have to imagine his act and anticipate the odds he has to continue writing right? that happen in life too but not all time you win but you at less thought about this is odds before it is happening

There is something too you need to know in boxing they said it is ok to get some steps back you know why? because it will give you the power to knock out so about all shit I write yesterday I write what happens with me and it is my personal note it is my expertise I got for 9 years as a book’s author and it is not easy when I start no one knew what is the meaning of KDP at all so time is change if you think you will be a great writer so come on and go-ahead and never let anyone push you down, life is really too what you happy...but do everything prudently maybe you have a family to feed...bills to buy...home needs to fix...there are lot of things you should think about it before you are a fulltime author
You know maybe your book you are writing now is be the best selling 1NO and nothing from all shit I told you to happen ( i really wish that happen to you and me lol )

you know the most important about being author is what? Girls like us ;)

Have a nice day

See you tomorrow

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