Zayed's friend's letter: Day 4- being an author ?! it is the other way to Rest In Peace

Dear friend 

Hay before saying anything I know I know ….. Know what? I know you missed my letter for today because I was late lol...sorry I am joking... I know no one reads that shit anyway but I am a writer and writer's life in their Imagination… it is one of the benefits of reading a lot of books any way I have advice for you if you want to shift career and be an author think well about that because it is not easy career really

You will be alone 

Believe me….. people care about you when they get benefits from you benefits here not just meaning money or gifts, no it possible to be the time you spend with them… or you are the one who is already free to talk anytime a day because you have a sick idea for him or her.

Other not understand you 

yep … they think you just set down and open your laptop and just typing in them thinking everybody can do that until themself … but they busy with the “ REAL JOB “ they have also they will ask you all-time get a real job and make writing and drawing as a hobby it will be right for you… you will be wrong or make a big mistake if you try to change their opinion so finish your coffee and say bye with a big smile.

You will buy a lot of books 

The golden rule of writing you have to read more than you write so you will spend all that you have to buy books it is not meaning you will read all of them but you will have a lot a lot books
Your friends and family will think you are crazy but you are in the right way.

Your social life will dead 

As a writer you will spend your time in two things really read books or write books so will not have time to meet anyone just a few hours a week you will be busy but not have money lol
Until you get a great idea that sells…you need to have a dog (or cat )

You will not have money (most of the time ) 

Do you remember when we talk about what family and friends think about you they will tell you hay you work for full time why you have no money now? you know why because it is not a real job and tell you again to  get a real job

Most people will think you are boyish

I am sorry… after some time with trying to publish your books if you not got sells most of the people you know will think you are boyish and just life in your waste your time… you will not have a real-life..people stop belief of you… your wife will ask to divorce..your friends will move up and start building them families and you know you just stop in the point and not move some time you will think am I really wrong as they said if not why I am not happy why everything is a mess here why am I alone is really my dream worth to let all that back to me and go on? After time maybe you will lose you believe in yourself too

Save a lot of money before you decided to be a writer 

You will need to buy so save money well if you can write as a part-time it will be better really until you get your way to success and have the audience wait for your books promise me you will please?

Life alone 

As a writer some time you will need to sleep a lot of time sometime you will need to just be silent and have nothing to say sometime you will not be in the cool mood, just mad and no one can help you,, some other time you will have a block art, not all people will understand that you stop in point at your book and not know how to move on, you stop writing and get out of the mood for door ring and can not remember what are you plan to write SO they (people you are living with) will think maybe you are being crazy maybe you choose to act bad for them they will not understand when someone asks you to do a thing for him or her when you write and if you say no they will be very mad at you for nothing life alone it will be better

To write that letter I was drinking two mags of Turkish coffee … you know every alphabet here was a piece of real advice that happen to me and still happen with every book I publish I see the glare in eyes of my friends and family every day when they said ha Ahmed is life in dreams he thinks he will be a great writer or good comic artist...see him has nothing… my friend’s wife said to her daughter when she says she like my work: “don’t be like Ahmed… he is a big loser”

PLEASE before you want to be an author read this post well and not fall in the wrong I did please  and I wish really all Success for you in your writing career

See you tomorrow

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