Zayed's friend's latter: Day 3- Here is your funny note

Dear friend

I think you are being bored with my writing to you about my problem but if you think so please let me know ( I like it, maybe it will be a rap song soon ) because I have a lot of plans for this blog. I really like to write that kind of posts now.
So yesterday I was telling you why I chose that name for my book “ Tom & Jenny: Mama’s Bag And Other Stories “ and this is the funny note I was wanna told you before.
I just tried to found a good name you know in that work SEO is playing a big game with you to be on the spotlight and if you catch a good name for your product or book or whatever you plan to sell and SEO was next to you…. YOU WON….. Yep … ask anyone was working in KDP or on the internet at all blogger, article writer, YouTuber,  all that stuff, So I was trying to find a popular name and it will help me too much I already have not money to make a big advertising campaign, I am not earning a lot at all so I try to find and name easy to remember and maybe like or have the same words with the other product so when people search for it found my books
It is sound stupid yep but in that time I was helpless, try to move on, get out from my boring days so I thought I have to wite it as boy and girl it meaning it will be for all boys and girls and that sound good every girl will found her self in the girl hero and all boy will feel the same good!!
I get a pen and paper and set try to found the name so first, write 7 heroes lol looks like  7 ups but I do not think it will be fine I just need 2 heroes, not 7  I write a lot of shit like that and then I try to work with Tom & Jerry it was my favourite cartoon ever when I was a child and it is sound good really and the audience is the same as age I target to sell my book WOW it is fine  So I have to change it or play with the name it already has two heroes and fine So what will you change Ahmed? what will you change? I can not change Tom it is the key to all people to find me so jerry who will have to change it is Tom & Ann wow 3 letter here and 3 Latter here it is great... I start writing Ann’s character as you know I go to sleep when I get up. I think Tom & Ann is not a good idea. I have to change Ann’s name. I need a name the same as Jerry.
Get my coffee and set watch TV set pen and paper next to me and try to get any ideas from what I watch and you know it was work… I was watching had the best actress ever she was my puberty’s lover ( i still dream to marry her if you ask :) ) she was Jeniffer Aniston the best actress in friends’s tv show  and all movies she works in too AND YES Jeniffer can change to Jenny who looks like Jerry and I got it YEAH I was very happy really and it gives me great positive energy to finish my book I got a cool name TOM & Jenny ha where is the million sells LOL
I finish the book and format it, upload to KDP and book pass in review, WOW I am doing well at all next day I got an email telling me that my book is available to sell. I went to search in bar and did you know what I got from that search?
Kind of sweets called TOM & Jenny… hay….stop … I can listen to your laughter from here at the end it is the same as my audience target too …. Stop laughing really it is not fun for me.
That was all for today see you tomorrow, have a good day

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