Zayed's friend's latter: Day 2- Why am I writing and drawing Tom & Jenny’s series books?

Dear friend

How are you? I really wish you are fine, yesterday I told you that I have a problem in my English so before I sleep yesterday and run away from my problems as I always doing I got an idea, you know it was really great when I image it
It will take too much work really, as you know I published the first book of Tom & Jenny: Mama’s Bag And Other Stories and this idea will make me too late to finish the second book but you know it will be better the idea is writing books for kids 1:3 age :)
They can not read so it will be only drawing so it is a very big fun idea for me :)
Then I think more about how to draw it you know when I planed for write and draw Tom & Jenny I wanted the kids to imitate it as they own art I was used materials they can found it easy papers, pens and colours they already used in school so it was my try to make them think and let them ideas out on papers and become the thing they can show to them family and friends and Be proud of themself  I was image one child go to show his comic script to his mom and said: “hey I can draw like (better than)  that book you buy for me :)”
That was my aim but the result was depressed me I got a lot of comments about my style of drawing some really like the idea and support me to make the next book as the first one and some said it is really not a good idea
My friends asked me to draw it in digital drawing ….. Do you know digital drawing is easier for me? really I spent 2 weeks just to colour the stories YOU IMAGE  how much work it takes just to finish it?
In the digital drawing, I just will click one click and all background will colour what a great saving time  so I can really finish that book in just 4 or 5 days without joking but
Next But
 The aim I had was a dream about making children in the creative process buy push them to draw them stories or just write it will end maybe just for me to think more about my aim is I am trying just to sell more books or I want to give inspiration to children?
I really not sure what I want to do in next step and you know I can not sleep more lol
It  will not fix with sleep this is time
Maybe I have to try to draw part with digital and other with hand drawing so it will be easier and do both of the two choices right?
I think it is the most appropriate solution for now about Tom & Jenny’s Books
Hay I have a funny note for you when I  choose the name of tom and jenny’s books hmmm i am sorry it is about 6 am here in Cairo I have to start work but I will tell you tomorrow the funny note about the name really you will like it I promise

See you

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