Zayed's friend's latter: day 1- I just write a bullshit English

Dear friend /

Good morning or good afternoon I do not know when you are reading this post but I really wish you are fine and all works well for you, not like me. 

I really have a lot of terrible problems nowadays starting with my Payoneer account which says I can not get my money because hmm... I can not tell you but I will let you read the message I got when I open my account to see how much I earned this is month from Amazon hay... read but not be too mad I will tell you why later 

"Important update regarding your Payoneer card

As you may have heard, Wirecard AG unexpectedly filed for insolvency. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) temporarily froze all card activity. Progress is being made to lift the freeze soon, which will allow you to access the funds on your Payoneer card.

In the meantime, all incoming payments will be loaded onto your Payoneer currency balance where they’ll be safe and accessible. We are taking urgent steps to resolve this situation.

We will keep you updated and appreciate your patience."

Wirecard AG unexpectedly filed for insolvency 

Yes, dear, the company who owned the card filed for insolvency :) it looks crazy right in fact when I read this note I hurry up to ATM really it was 3 am but I needed that money I was waiting for it for a week and not spend much because I want not to stay without money and I was too smart really think they will not go to freeze my account why they will do it with someone just has $230 and live in Egypt it is not logic right? but I really need to hurry up so I go out you know I have tried 6 ATM 

and each one gave me the same message {Your card is an unknown source } an an an aaaaaaan 

yep I was crashed But I said to myself I have to be a more positive person 

My trying to be a positive person 

Well, I said ok no problem I just should know how much I have then I will make a plan until this is problem fixing… so just let us calculate my money now and will portion it in days so we will have a good plan right? 

You know I just found myself have 25 EL :) it is around $1.55 yes right so I just go to my bed and sleep it is my right way to fix all problems in that time after I got my divorce maybe you said in yourself he chooses the easy way … he is not trying to fight with it …. Yes, my friend, you are right I just choose to not fight with it and let time go no more… 

Just $230?

I know you ask yourself just $230 wait for $230 you work a full-time writer to get $230 a month hmmm you know some months I get less than it but it is ok I just try to improve my English as you read in the title of this post { I just write a bullshit English } 

And I work in comic and children's books so who will buy bullshit English for their kids?  Not a big deal right? Yes, I know… I have to hire someone to edit my books and you know I did too but no one really cares my book is still not got any sale until now for 2 weeks and that really makes me depressed  

Anyway I just finished for today wait for me tomorrow in the same time I will write you a new latter see you


Ahmed Zayed 

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